Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Incredibly powerful sound Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Dre beatsbox speaker Sound quality is great. It has the "Wow" factor. It has the best punchy, deep bass on the market for a portable bluetooth speaker. It also has distinct crisp treble and separation of vocals. The sound is full and has a "high-end" sound quality to it. The highs may actually seem a bit overbearing at times. The bass can handle the most demanding rap and hip hop music.
Suitable for all iPad1 / 2 iphone4 4S 3G

3GS, 3.5 headphone jack cell phone, MP3, sound

Ring, computers! Suitable for all models

Exported to the U.S., quality assurance! Do not worry about quality workmanship

So affected ...

Power saving mode: In the case of no audio transmission will be carried out

Into power-saving mode, then need to work when the transmitter

Simply click on the button you can return to work.
Product Description:
1, high-fidelity, high-resolution three-dimensional effects, using DIGITAL, PLL lock-in technique
2, with LCD screen display, more intuitive tuning frequency
3 Central body design pure blue backlight
4, Full frequency (87.5 ~ 108.0MHZ)
5, a power function of storage time frequency point
6, built-in lithium battery, you can use more than 4 hours
7, Micro USB 5V charging method can also be used mobile phone charger or computer USB 5V Output Charge (alternative)
8,3.5 mm audio input interface for portable CD, MD, MP3, MP4, PDA, PC, IPOD, DVD player and any other
9, with a 3.5 audio plug, the plug can shrink, more compact and convenient. (Machine weighs 20g, thick 11MM, with IPHONE4S perfect match)
Product Features:
* Unique design high-grade
* Use DIGITAL. PLL lock-in technology, the launch of a more stable frequency point, and never drift
* Full frequency design, can have more to avoid conflict with the radio interference
Technical parameters:
* Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
* Separation: ≥ 60dB
* Operating voltage: 4.2V130MA lithium battery
* Operating Current: 38mA +-10mA
* Use time: 4 hours
* Charging voltage: 5V500MA
* Charging time: 2 hours

* SNR: ≥ 60dB

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lady Gaga ---Brown Eyes

in your brown eyes
i walked away
in your brown eyes
couldn't stay

in your brown eyes
you watch her go
turn the record on
and wonder what went wrong (what went wrong)

if everything was everything but everything is over
everything could be everything if only we were older
guess its just a silly song about you
and how i lost you
and your brown eyes

in your brown eyes
i was feelin low
cause the brown eyes
and you never know

got some brown eyes
but a soft face
i knew that it was wrong
so baby..turn the record on
play that song

if everything was everything but everything is over
everything could be everything if only we were older
guess its just a silly song about you
and how i lost you
and your brown eyes

everything was everything,but baby its the last show
everything could be everything but its time to say goodbye so
get your last fix, and your last hit
grab your old bow with your new tricks
i mean its no surprise i got lost

in your brown eyes..
in your brown eyes..
brooown brooown...eyes
brown eyes
brooown brooown...eyes
got some broown eyes
brooown brooown...eyes
brown eyes

Beats By Dre Mini Speaker with 3.5mm Headphone/Audio

This beats mini wireless speaker is perfect portable, rechargable solution to enjoy your Kindle Fire content on the go Speaker also works with virtually any media playing device with a 3.5mm headphone jack - perfect for mobile phones, iphone 5, ipad,ipod,laptops, tablets, portable gaming devices and MP3 players Vacuum bass expansion system and digital amplifier enhance sound quality Weighs 5.1 oz/DC-5V charge/Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (3.7V 500mA) Need to sleep listening to music I do not know this habit in the end how much coverage, in general, this is not a good habit, whether it is on hearing or on the deep sleep itself. But things change, there will always sleep when there is ambient noise to a normal sleep time, this time to sleep listening to music will feel how happy a thing. Such as the occasional train airplane or something, and occasionally night a nap or something, a ghost tried various ways, and finally found that once felt a little sleep, go to sleep or give up their efforts to sleep, not as ear plugs up and immediately see the Duke (Supplementary Additional case one of: mind too, if thought while listening to things that are absolutely not sleep.) Consequently, since it is prepared to go to sleep, then either a single or a song with a hypnotic sleep when headphones are all important factors. Let us talk about the headset, because I think this is relatively simple but also quick to clear. Sleep with headphones is nothing more than two points: small, do not oppress the ear canal. So, the first point would only be a first ear, big headphones all aside. I remember when I find the right ear a lot worse before I use earplugs, ah, basically asleep asleep on the pull bad ...... (sleep with earplugs so that life is not long) and the early years when there is no ear canal (ear), generally very easy to fall out earplugs or ear pressure, very uncomfortable. Unless it is supine camp, most people probably think back to sleep ear plug a such a torment, might as well not listen to music. I remember I once bought a 'sleeping earplugs "- really sleep under the banner of the name, but said that the design is special, without prejudice to sleep. Get our hands on one to see, is flat look, very slim and compact design of an ear. Originally rapturous feel really good, with a little super pit father found, because this stuff did not fit into the ear, the result is a turn and lost decisively on the lost. After accidentally found under one ear earplugs, because I have very little has been lost in airfare as a spare, a particular bedtime for a trial, I feel just right, so from now finalized. Summarize characteristics: Small - earplugs half the total volume is not greater than the index finger knuckle, so some earplugs ear pinna after almost too much volume, he was able to reach not oppress pinna requirements. Soft - earplugs, especially a front stopper can not be too thick, just try to meet the volume of the ear, so long will not feel uncomfortable with. Pull-resistant - preferably wire cloth, anti-pull capability to life a little bit longer. After completion of the three elements, and said a few details: First, do not too expensive, because the loss is too fast. Second, do not sound very good, especially bass do something, hinder sleep. Third, the model not too rare, to prevent out of stock.

2013 wireless speaker with Incredible sound quality in a small footprint

Incredible sound quality in a small footprint Connects wirelessly up to 30 feet away Works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices: smart phones, tablets and more Rechargeable for up to 4 hours of wireless play ---- Originally been using headphones listening to music, watching movies, they gradually have also used the DT990, HD650 and some other flagship product. First time to buy multimedia audio, general terms, that which sound in music performance and unsatisfactory, but in movies and games are indeed impressive performance, analog 5.1, can only say that after all is analog , can not well reflect the effect of 5.1, this desktop audio regarded as a step forward, but it does not do 5.1 effect, if pro-charge forward to this gimmick to purchase the 5.1 audio, then advise you or another reference. Something very like, packaging is also particularly strong and solid. Today I received something, through the control panel 3.5 audio interface connected to the TV listening to music and watching movies, the bass is very beautiful, I hope to burn one week later there is the sound quality improved. Then the computer try tomorrow, I hope there is not the same feeling. Baby is very good. The seller is very reputable, service is also very good, very satisfied Sound very very shocked logistics quickly to the fifth full Speakers used material is wonderful, restrained rather than obvious, compact and atmosphere. Do not expect a good performance of the music, because each speaker has only two full-range speakers, voice clear, penetrating strong high-frequency, low frequency subwoofer can only rely on, listening to music should be using 2.1 to hear the human voice will much larger, otherwise they feel most for the bass to cover it. Watching movies, ha ha, unprecedented good, this price can buy it is simply stunning audio Value, the room had wanted to use 5.1, the lines are buried, and later on the direct use of C5, the reason is that it can directly listen mps, HD movies look at the computer, but do not expect to see Blu-ray HTPC use, because now there is no software that can automatically play Blu-ray discs. Haha, in the family to buy a Blu-ray drive can only do furnishings. Baby quality is not to say used, with who knows who, very satisfied with this purchase, Eqing and Xiaoxia good service, good home than in Hong Kong guy that was not a grade, the Hong Kong guy was asked a few questions directly he did not sell, Eqing and misty morning and asked me all night from enthusiastic, packaging than the legendary more to the force can be dropped, Harman Kardon original bags with the BOSE C5, received no injury at all , with strong shapes, perfect, send JBL line is also very good, have the opportunity to buy your house for a few days before the new sound will resort to a newly opened plastic burning smell, because asking BOSE! Haha Received good things good, 5 minutes, with a comment period of time again. Product brochures obsolete, the stuff is good stuff Good things, do not explain! Good shop ah, do not explain all five-star! Very satisfied