Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 wireless speaker with Incredible sound quality in a small footprint

Incredible sound quality in a small footprint Connects wirelessly up to 30 feet away Works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices: smart phones, tablets and more Rechargeable for up to 4 hours of wireless play ---- Originally been using headphones listening to music, watching movies, they gradually have also used the DT990, HD650 and some other flagship product. First time to buy multimedia audio, general terms, that which sound in music performance and unsatisfactory, but in movies and games are indeed impressive performance, analog 5.1, can only say that after all is analog , can not well reflect the effect of 5.1, this desktop audio regarded as a step forward, but it does not do 5.1 effect, if pro-charge forward to this gimmick to purchase the 5.1 audio, then advise you or another reference. Something very like, packaging is also particularly strong and solid. Today I received something, through the control panel 3.5 audio interface connected to the TV listening to music and watching movies, the bass is very beautiful, I hope to burn one week later there is the sound quality improved. Then the computer try tomorrow, I hope there is not the same feeling. Baby is very good. The seller is very reputable, service is also very good, very satisfied Sound very very shocked logistics quickly to the fifth full Speakers used material is wonderful, restrained rather than obvious, compact and atmosphere. Do not expect a good performance of the music, because each speaker has only two full-range speakers, voice clear, penetrating strong high-frequency, low frequency subwoofer can only rely on, listening to music should be using 2.1 to hear the human voice will much larger, otherwise they feel most for the bass to cover it. Watching movies, ha ha, unprecedented good, this price can buy it is simply stunning audio Value, the room had wanted to use 5.1, the lines are buried, and later on the direct use of C5, the reason is that it can directly listen mps, HD movies look at the computer, but do not expect to see Blu-ray HTPC use, because now there is no software that can automatically play Blu-ray discs. Haha, in the family to buy a Blu-ray drive can only do furnishings. Baby quality is not to say used, with who knows who, very satisfied with this purchase, Eqing and Xiaoxia good service, good home than in Hong Kong guy that was not a grade, the Hong Kong guy was asked a few questions directly he did not sell, Eqing and misty morning and asked me all night from enthusiastic, packaging than the legendary more to the force can be dropped, Harman Kardon original bags with the BOSE C5, received no injury at all , with strong shapes, perfect, send JBL line is also very good, have the opportunity to buy your house for a few days before the new sound will resort to a newly opened plastic burning smell, because asking BOSE! Haha Received good things good, 5 minutes, with a comment period of time again. Product brochures obsolete, the stuff is good stuff Good things, do not explain! Good shop ah, do not explain all five-star! Very satisfied

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