Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Incredibly powerful sound Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Dre beatsbox speaker Sound quality is great. It has the "Wow" factor. It has the best punchy, deep bass on the market for a portable bluetooth speaker. It also has distinct crisp treble and separation of vocals. The sound is full and has a "high-end" sound quality to it. The highs may actually seem a bit overbearing at times. The bass can handle the most demanding rap and hip hop music.
Suitable for all iPad1 / 2 iphone4 4S 3G

3GS, 3.5 headphone jack cell phone, MP3, sound

Ring, computers! Suitable for all models

Exported to the U.S., quality assurance! Do not worry about quality workmanship

So affected ...

Power saving mode: In the case of no audio transmission will be carried out

Into power-saving mode, then need to work when the transmitter

Simply click on the button you can return to work.
Product Description:
1, high-fidelity, high-resolution three-dimensional effects, using DIGITAL, PLL lock-in technique
2, with LCD screen display, more intuitive tuning frequency
3 Central body design pure blue backlight
4, Full frequency (87.5 ~ 108.0MHZ)
5, a power function of storage time frequency point
6, built-in lithium battery, you can use more than 4 hours
7, Micro USB 5V charging method can also be used mobile phone charger or computer USB 5V Output Charge (alternative)
8,3.5 mm audio input interface for portable CD, MD, MP3, MP4, PDA, PC, IPOD, DVD player and any other
9, with a 3.5 audio plug, the plug can shrink, more compact and convenient. (Machine weighs 20g, thick 11MM, with IPHONE4S perfect match)
Product Features:
* Unique design high-grade
* Use DIGITAL. PLL lock-in technology, the launch of a more stable frequency point, and never drift
* Full frequency design, can have more to avoid conflict with the radio interference
Technical parameters:
* Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
* Separation: ≥ 60dB
* Operating voltage: 4.2V130MA lithium battery
* Operating Current: 38mA +-10mA
* Use time: 4 hours
* Charging voltage: 5V500MA
* Charging time: 2 hours

* SNR: ≥ 60dB

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