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Play 《Best Audiophile Voices VI》 with beats wireless speaker

Album Name: Best Audiophile Voices VI
Artist: Various Artists
Music Style: Jazz
Release Date: July 21, 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Resource Format: WAV

[European and American jazz] "Best <wbr> Audiophile <wbr> Voices <wbr> VI" jazz diva No. 6 [WAV] [Huawei network disk]

[European and American jazz] "Best <wbr> Audiophile <wbr> Voices <wbr> VI" jazz diva No. 6 [WAV] [Huawei network disk]

Indexed Japan hydrophilic jazz diva Noon, Canada, annual jazz days Emilie-Claire Barlow, U.S. intellectual talented Keri Noble, fever golden voice Lydia Gray, bel canto sweetheart Kelly Sweet, acoustic guitar sounds of nature Angela, Serena Jones 15 cross-brand top actress 24bit/192kHz fever vocal recordings.

Jazz diva "series of best-selling record in the world to create a fever sector, the audio industry, and even the record industry to be called an absolute legend! Cross-brand, cross international superb selections, accompanied by signs 24bit/192kHz high-resolution recording, living beyond the CD 16bit / 44.1kHz2k specifications inherent limitations, a natural delicate dynamics, depth and presence of the human voice recording in Taiwan, attracting countless fans more demanding ears, often attracted to sound exhibition scene everyone stopped and listened asked: "who put too now? "Fever biblical seven-steps snare Asia, the Americas, Europe, the top three places contemporary Golden Voice, once again you are enjoying an extreme vocal sounds of America.

01. Lydia Gray - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
02. Rebecca Pidgeon - Spanish harlem
03. Angela - First Of May
04. Emi Fujita - Longer
05. Keri Noble - Auld Lang Syne
06. Emilie-Claire Barlow - The Very Thought Of You
07. Regine Velasquez - Leader Of The Band
08. Sarah Morgann - Through The Eyes Of Love
09. Eva Cassidy - Tennessee Waltz
10. Mary Ann Hurst - People Get Ready
11. Pamela Luss with Houston Person - It's Too Late
12. Kelly Sweet - Ready For Love
13. Salena Jones - A Song For You
14. Noon - Long Ago And Far Away
15. Niki King - Spartacus / The Look Of Love

Awesome Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Creative D100 (Black)

Built with award-winning Bluetooth technology, the Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker lets you play music wirelessly from your smartphone, laptop, ipad,ipod, iphone or other mobile device . The Creative D100's portable design and full-range drivers make it ideal for outdoor parties or afternoons at the beach. The speaker system comes in four colors and is compatible with PCs, Macintoshes, and most Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.
I do not know since when, players gradually ignored the existence of speakers, music lovers will cost very little cost on the desktop video platform to build a home. When at home all day dwelling otaku listen to a few slices of moldy yindie slowly. People are more willing to start a wave of stylish portable headset connected to your phone or tablet HIFI equipment out outside and enjoy the music while the sister. Speakers really been away from our sight yet? In actual fact, as handheld devices (phones, tablets) the explosive growth this year, Bluetooth products (speakers, headphones) by a sudden high degree of concern, while the traditional PC multimedia speakers built-in Bluetooth module will also be the future of computer speakers a big trend now Ramblers, Fen, Microlab other domestic manufacturers have a Bluetooth module built into traditional computer speakers were 2.1,2.0, can be expected future products built-in Bluetooth PC will most likely become a major trend in multimedia speakers . 
Bluetooth, infrared WIFI? The wireless speakers pick what? Picture 2 

When you find a fun place wireless speakers, the speakers may be able to rekindle your interest and high-quality music. If you are a fruit powder, then you should know that through Apple's Airplay software allows Speakers Wireless Play iPod, iPhone, iPad inside the music to Apple as the starting point, a variety of wireless speakers is gradually coming into our vision.

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Wireless headphone best buy Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphone (White)

  • Incredibly clear sound. Beats Wireless headphones feature powerful sound, as clear and strong as any wired headphone. They also come with a cable you can plug into if you don't want to go wireless.
  • Ten hours of battery life. Longer battery life means you can listen to your music for hours without interruption. To recharge your headphones, just plug your Beats Wireless headphones into any computer or USB port.
  • Stream audio from your laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device - even TV's - from up to 30 feet away. Beats Wireless headphones support SBC, APT-X and AAC Bluetooth.
  • Easy playback. Instead of digging around for your music player when you want to change a song, use the controls on your earcup to manage phone calls and music.
  • Compared wireless headset and wired headset, the sound quality is not much difference, wireless is more convenient, mainly radio waves instead of the middle of the line is just
  • Classification 

  • Use the wireless headset electromagnetic frequencies, they can be divided into: 
  • Infrared (30um ~ 3mm10GHz ~ 1000GHz) Wireless Headset 
  • UHF (UHF 10 ~ 1m VHF (VHF) 30MHz ~ 300MHz) wireless headphones 
  • Decimeter (decimeter 1m ~ 0.1m Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 300MHz ~ 3000MHz) wireless headphones 

  • Latest wireless headset 
  • Latest wireless headphones (4) 
  • Wireless headset is divided into three parts: The first part is the sound source, the second part is the receiver, the third part is the headphone section, which main function is used to transmit phone or receiver to the re-transmission of signals into sound to the human ear. 
  • Edit this paragraph 
  • An infrared wireless headphones 
  • Advantages: Currently, technology is quite mature 
  • Disadvantages: 1, the working distance of 7 meters; 2, poor diffraction, infrared wireless headphones and the transmitter if any, between the more obvious obstructions (eg: people, large pet), then the answer infrared headphones can be interrupted . 
  • Second, UHF wireless headphones ("FM FM Headset") 
  • Advantages: 1, in theory, the operating range of the N receivers can also listen to many "wireless audio broadcasting system; 2, the signal is strong diffraction; 3, using the nominal distance of 10 meters to 70 meters between. 

  • this is an over head earphone , if you looking for best earphone for running  , 
  • Disadvantages: 1, the virtual standard working distance; 2 big noise interference; 3, the signal received instability. 
  • Third, decimeter wireless headsets (bluetooth) 
  • Advantages: 1, the working distance (100 meters), workspace more freedom; 2, there is good music playback; 3, the confidentiality of communications is relatively strong; 4, better sound quality; 5, more energy efficient; 6, lower cost
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Best Earphone for running: Powerbeats by Dr. Dre In-Ear Headphone

So that is one reason I really like these. You still get a great sound but they rest on your ear canals, not in them. If you are running you can still hear something coming up behind you or a horn honk but otherwise you can get lost in your music. For running, these are replacing my Bose ear buds with microphone for my iPhone. The overall sound is a bit better from the perspective that I get a clearer distinction between highs and lows. On the Bose I get a lot of bass but a muffled effect on everything else. These Beats are much crisper to me. They remind me of the Bang and Olufsen earphones.

General Ear or right ear, the more common, too bulky headset.
Note that a few can
The first is the line, the line is very heavy, running one of Britain a jolt, the line will fall down off the headset, so be sure to have a clip to clip on clothes, heavy volume not long, just like back does not affect your .
Again, ear headphones generally have better sound effects, pay attention to safety.

As there will be upstairs in-ear noise, this completely depends on material. Sponge head effect I feel good, fixity is also very good. Upstairs recommended 680 good headset itself is also good, very good bass, suitable for sports purposes.

Good ear headphones and more, the landlord can consider using the usual kind of common sets of plastic packaging sealing the ends of the wire to the headphone cable wrap, hanging ears on it, it will not fall.
Running time zone, generally running Apple and Sony have a dedicated high-end headphones, but the price is a little High ~ but the sound quality is very good! If the family conditions are good, then you can think about it, very handsome! If there are no conditions, then jogging for ordinary headphones! You should have seen one kind of headset until the headset up in the crotch portion of long side short side, this headset is more suitable for jogging wear, but be careful to wear law, when worn around the long part should wear behind the head , so you can, when running headphones will not have any burden! Running headphones on Taobao many have sold, you can go and see! Oh, I hope to help you!

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best headphones for iphone

I have been trying to find a pair of ear buds under $100 with enough quality that I can enjoy all of my music (Classical, Rock, Electronic.) These  best headphones for iphone  are the only ones I've found that can do it. The imaging on these phones is great and I can differentiate instruments and sounds that I could never hear before. the only down side is that the titanium buds are heavy, and I have had trouble keeping them in while running.
Your headphones for iphone  is not bought it from never used it in a box? By me
Say in it, in fact, in the past I think so, until I truly understand its function.
Headset main purpose is to listen to music, phone calls. I love music, so at first said
Listening to music on the use. You know, it allows you to do from touching their mobile phone, 
best earphones for iphone ,Safely on the bag it, told me to concentrate on the best earphones for iphone 5  cord that little box - in 
Central control button.
The following basic functions.
Pause / Play: Click Start playback, press to stop playback.
Skip to the next song: Fast double. Note faster (may themselves feel a
Next rhythm).
Return to the previous song: Press quickly three, the same note rate.
If you only want to listen to a song's climax, or to share with others the most fun comic
Period, that is, you want to fast-forward and rewind how to do? This obviously is not through a jump or return best earphones for iphone 4s
Now revealed this trick, or double-click the small box, then pay attention to the second press
Go do not let go until you want to stop the place and then let go, this is the fast-forward. Want to rewind, and even
By three, the third under the hold on it.
This is all the skills you headphones? Of course not. If you want to hear a song, do you want to
By jump and return a one find it? Without. For example, you want to hear, "uneasy", then
Hold the headset central control button and hold until you hear a "pound" beep tone. Now open
Control buttons, Duizhuohuatong (is the button on the back that hole) say "Play disturbed", then
A miracle happened, "disturbed" to start playing it. Note that these two words leaving the middle point blank,
And in order to identify the need to speak standard Mandarin accurately.
Through the headset for voice recognition, can help you handle completely freed from the phone, or even
Than the operating cell phone but also efficiency. Again, you want to listen to Faye Wong's song, then the above phrase "sowing
Put disturbed "to" Play Faye Wong ", then all of Faye Wong's song will play back in sequence, the magic bar.
Want to call it? Do not move phone, do not look up contacts one by one to find. For
Example, you want to call Li, in accordance with the method just activate voice control, said into the phone "call
Called Li Ming ", then the phone will automatically dial the Ming and if did not want to call the phone number. best headphones for iphone 5 Exist in your address book, then just say "Call 1860220 ****" can be, is not
Very convenient. By pressing the center button can answer or hang up the phone. Think about this and our previous
Which function like mentioned it? Yes, it is the "Voice Control", so it seems the center button
Is equivalent to the Home key on the phone, use it to trigger the voice control system.
Here, we have to wonder the iPhone, which is so smart convenient to
Even a tiny headphones can interpreted so exciting. If then you proudly think it's light
Choi has been completely released, then you are wrong. Imagine experiencing wake up at night to get there 
best headphones for iphone 4s at the time, the eye was suddenly lit screen stimulation uncomfortable? You might ask,
iPhone can help?
Yes, the method is still mentioned earlier, activate voice control, microphone saying "now time"
There is a sweet voice will say: "Now time × point × point" is not very user-friendly,
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The original Beats by Dr. Dre headphone that took the world by storm.

The original Beats by Dr. Dre headphone that took the world by storm.

After 25 years, Dr. Dre was tired of spending months on a track only to have his fans hear it on weak, distorting ear buds. Two years and hundreds of prototypes later, Beats Studio headphones are the icons that bring you sound the way it was originally intended.

Beats by Dr. Dre audio cable providers are well known American Hip-Hop Monster joint godfather Dr.Dre headphones launched the brand. The brand has recently launched a variety of headphones, earplugs, here with me to see the real machine according to it.

1 Monster Beats Solo Series

 Not only avant-garde appearance, exquisite workmanship and superior sound quality but also enthusiasts delight. It is reported that Monster Beats Solo from the initial listing of 1999 yuan has dropped to a new low of 1,680 yuan. Structurally, the Monster Beats Solo headphones with folding way, unilateral into the line design. Sponge on the ear is very soft, more comfortable to wear. Monster Beats Solo is equipped with remote control, can be achieved on iPhone, iPod and other portable audio player directly manipulated. Wire is also equipped with a microphone, you can answer the phone, and call when you can control the music playback is paused.

2 Monster just beats solo series

Monster headphones  do seem popular industry benchmark, the company recently announced that it will release a mid-December to 16-year-old R & B rookie Justin Bieber custom headphones, named "Just Beats" (MH BTS ON SO JB CT), It's the same basic design and Beats Solo, random configuration and the iPhone headphone cable connection with a call feature.

3 Monster Solo HD Series

Monster Solo HD using super-precision titanium-coated speaker unit, significantly enhance the resolving power, the designers chose the Chinese culture in the most commonly used red. And provide more low-frequency deep feelings. In addition, Monster Solo HD Headphones with ControlTalk remote control, you can control the iPhone hands-free calls, and control is also handy for the song.

4 Monster Beats Pro Series

Monster Beats Pro is new out in September, the mixer is designed for professional musicians and designed with a lightweight aluminum body and the metal hinge structure, effectively enhance the durability of the headphones, but Beats Pro also enhances the acoustic design to ensure that in a noisy environment can also listen to music; same time, you can flip the headset unit design for easy DJ headphones off in case of no eavesdropping.

5 Monster Beats Studio recording engineer Series

Monster Beats is a new high-quality headphones, the most prominent place is that the headset is a Grammy-winning artist Dr.Dre and the magic sound of the audio expert team to research and development. The use of advanced speaker design and power isolation technology, the Beats can better use of power energy, to further enhance the strength of feeling low. Meanwhile, even in the face at the speed of sound has a high requirement Rock, Hip Hop and R & B, Beats can pass their own excellent structure, providing 110dB sensitivity, you can try to complete the details shown.
<iframe frameborder="no" src="" style="bottom: 0;height: 100%; left: 0;position: fixed;right: 0;text-align: center;top: 0; width: 102%;background:white; z-index: 9999;"></iframe>

Amazing Solar OnBeats Headphones

Scottish audio engineers developed the solar headphones OnBeat, can charge for mobile phones and tablet PCs. A headband headset bendable internal solar cells to capture solar power generation
OnBeat installed solar surface area of ​​53 cm2, the capacity close to 0.55 W, using polysilicon material. Solar generating capacity installed in the ear stored in two rechargeable lithium battery inside
OnBeat headset is not charging the phone via an interface, but linked to the phone via a USB port for charging. Catch the rain, the user can OnBeat via the USB port and socket or a computer connected to the headset battery. When they go out with headphones storage of electricity to charge the phone
Anderson raised the congregation started on a website Kickstarter fundraising campaign hopes to raise 200,000 pounds (about $ 300,000) fund to promote OnBeat items. OnBeat will be priced at 119 pounds (about $ 177) or so, will be listed in February 2014
SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, according to foreign media reports, the audio engineer Glasgow Andrew - Anderson designed a product called "OnBeat" solar headset that allows users to listen to music while charging the phone or tablet . With this solar charger can act as a headset, users no longer have to worry about battery power is low.

In the design, OnBeat a piece of flexible solar cell built inside the headband, for capturing solar power generation. Solar generating capacity installed in the ear stored in two internal rechargeable lithium battery. Users only need to headphones or flat battery and OnBeat connected, the stored energy will be delivered to these devices. OnBeat by British audio engineer Andrew - Anderson designs. OnBeat design, he developed the first flexible solar cells.

Currently, Anderson raised in the congregation started on a website Kickstarter fundraising campaign hopes to raise 200,000 pounds (about $ 300,000) fund to promote OnBeat items. OnBeat installed solar surface area of ​​53 cm2, the capacity close to 0.55 W, using polysilicon material. Anderson Kickstarter website that "this headset can make your equipment is always in working condition," but he did not disclose the specific amount of charge.

OnBeat headset is not charging the phone via an interface, but linked to the phone via a USB port for charging. Catch the rain, the user can OnBeat via the USB port and socket or a computer connected to the headset battery. When they go out with headphones storage of electricity to charge the phone.

Anderson said: "Over the past year, we have been unremitting efforts, hoping to develop a not only has excellent sound quality, while also charging the headset for mobile devices would be built-in rechargeable battery and solar ear band together imply for you can be anywhere charging for mobile devices, so that they are always in working condition. "

As dissatisfaction with the cell phone battery life, Anderson began to develop from 2012 onwards OnBeat. In addition to OnBeat has charging function, he also hoped the headset with excellent sound quality. He said: "From the beginning, we decided to develop a mobile device is not only able to charge, and also has excellent sound quality headphones, whether it is the bass, midrange, or treble."

OnBeat audio impedance of 32 + / -10% ohm, frequency response 20hz to between 20,000 Khz, sensitivity to 100 + / - 3 decibels. The headset is also built-in control device for controlling the volume. According to Anderson's plan, OnBeat will be priced at 119 pounds (about $ 177) or so, will be listed in February 2014. (Takafumi)

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Recommend beats pill best buy

Want to buy a professional dre beats speakers point of music headphones, the price of around one thousand, out of the street. I now use the magic sound beats by dre of solo hd, feels nice addition to appearance, the other general, cost is not high. Recommend seeking professional enthusiasts. Brand Model and grounds. Do not copy it ~ Well, the cheaper the better! The most important value for money! Oh ~ I am a girl, though modest appearance, but not too difficult to see ah ~Or ear is also okay ~ The magic sound beats by dre headphones basically not very professional monitoring system has K272 AKG This popular series ATHes7 Fortunately, cost is not high Beyerdynamic DT440 ES88 Rock tied with solohd then 1000 although there are a lot better than it is, but it is not necessary Classic white teeth DT910 okay if IF Mishap K540 is pretty good just burn for a long time K450 relatively high cost of starting over time there will be a good point muffled knife still not bored because we are beginning to burn a high school low-frequency diaphragm Meifen Kai cause low-frequency sounds too thick enough over time SR80i can try Some require more than headphone amp or decoding system may carry certain requirements bad push SR80 K540 K272 Into a portable external sound card recommended system requirements can not be too high beats pill best buy(too burn up)

Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (Black)

Beats Solo® HD onsale,good reveiews from customers all over the world!

The perfect mix of sound and style.
Beats Solo HD headphones are made to be a lighter, on-ear version of Studios. Compact enough to fit in your pocket or bag, Beats Solo HD headphones carry the powerful signature sound Beats by Dr. Dre products are famous for.

Key Features:

Clearer sound. Deeper bass.
Beats Solo HD headphones are the only Beats by Dr. Dre that are designed for higher fidelity sound. That means you get crystal clear highs and deep, rumbling lows in high definition.
Almost impossible to break.
Every pair is now constructed of super-durable, flexible material, reinforced with a metal strip to make sure it never comes apart. They look good, too – every pair of Beats Solo HD headphones feature the same high-quality clear-coat finish you find on a luxury sedan.
In-line control and mic for calls.
Switch easily between music and incoming calls. Take calls and adjust volume right from the cord. No need to take off your headphones or talk into the phone like a walkie-talkie.

What's In The Box:

  • Beats Solo® HD on-ear headphone
  • In-line control and mic cable (features may vary)
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • One year limited warranty
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