Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beats By Dre Mini Speaker with 3.5mm Headphone/Audio

This beats mini wireless speaker is perfect portable, rechargable solution to enjoy your Kindle Fire content on the go Speaker also works with virtually any media playing device with a 3.5mm headphone jack - perfect for mobile phones, iphone 5, ipad,ipod,laptops, tablets, portable gaming devices and MP3 players Vacuum bass expansion system and digital amplifier enhance sound quality Weighs 5.1 oz/DC-5V charge/Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (3.7V 500mA) Need to sleep listening to music I do not know this habit in the end how much coverage, in general, this is not a good habit, whether it is on hearing or on the deep sleep itself. But things change, there will always sleep when there is ambient noise to a normal sleep time, this time to sleep listening to music will feel how happy a thing. Such as the occasional train airplane or something, and occasionally night a nap or something, a ghost tried various ways, and finally found that once felt a little sleep, go to sleep or give up their efforts to sleep, not as ear plugs up and immediately see the Duke (Supplementary Additional case one of: mind too, if thought while listening to things that are absolutely not sleep.) Consequently, since it is prepared to go to sleep, then either a single or a song with a hypnotic sleep when headphones are all important factors. Let us talk about the headset, because I think this is relatively simple but also quick to clear. Sleep with headphones is nothing more than two points: small, do not oppress the ear canal. So, the first point would only be a first ear, big headphones all aside. I remember when I find the right ear a lot worse before I use earplugs, ah, basically asleep asleep on the pull bad ...... (sleep with earplugs so that life is not long) and the early years when there is no ear canal (ear), generally very easy to fall out earplugs or ear pressure, very uncomfortable. Unless it is supine camp, most people probably think back to sleep ear plug a such a torment, might as well not listen to music. I remember I once bought a 'sleeping earplugs "- really sleep under the banner of the name, but said that the design is special, without prejudice to sleep. Get our hands on one to see, is flat look, very slim and compact design of an ear. Originally rapturous feel really good, with a little super pit father found, because this stuff did not fit into the ear, the result is a turn and lost decisively on the lost. After accidentally found under one ear earplugs, because I have very little has been lost in airfare as a spare, a particular bedtime for a trial, I feel just right, so from now finalized. Summarize characteristics: Small - earplugs half the total volume is not greater than the index finger knuckle, so some earplugs ear pinna after almost too much volume, he was able to reach not oppress pinna requirements. Soft - earplugs, especially a front stopper can not be too thick, just try to meet the volume of the ear, so long will not feel uncomfortable with. Pull-resistant - preferably wire cloth, anti-pull capability to life a little bit longer. After completion of the three elements, and said a few details: First, do not too expensive, because the loss is too fast. Second, do not sound very good, especially bass do something, hinder sleep. Third, the model not too rare, to prevent out of stock.

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