Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Recommend beats pill best buy

Want to buy a professional dre beats speakers point of music headphones, the price of around one thousand, out of the street. I now use the magic sound beats by dre of solo hd, feels nice addition to appearance, the other general, cost is not high. Recommend seeking professional enthusiasts. Brand Model and grounds. Do not copy it ~ Well, the cheaper the better! The most important value for money! Oh ~ I am a girl, though modest appearance, but not too difficult to see ah ~Or ear is also okay ~ The magic sound beats by dre headphones basically not very professional monitoring system has K272 AKG This popular series ATHes7 Fortunately, cost is not high Beyerdynamic DT440 ES88 Rock tied with solohd then 1000 although there are a lot better than it is, but it is not necessary Classic white teeth DT910 okay if IF Mishap K540 is pretty good just burn for a long time K450 relatively high cost of starting over time there will be a good point muffled knife still not bored because we are beginning to burn a high school low-frequency diaphragm Meifen Kai cause low-frequency sounds too thick enough over time SR80i can try Some require more than headphone amp or decoding system may carry certain requirements bad push SR80 K540 K272 Into a portable external sound card recommended system requirements can not be too high beats pill best buy(too burn up)

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