Thursday, July 18, 2013

best headphones for iphone

I have been trying to find a pair of ear buds under $100 with enough quality that I can enjoy all of my music (Classical, Rock, Electronic.) These  best headphones for iphone  are the only ones I've found that can do it. The imaging on these phones is great and I can differentiate instruments and sounds that I could never hear before. the only down side is that the titanium buds are heavy, and I have had trouble keeping them in while running.
Your headphones for iphone  is not bought it from never used it in a box? By me
Say in it, in fact, in the past I think so, until I truly understand its function.
Headset main purpose is to listen to music, phone calls. I love music, so at first said
Listening to music on the use. You know, it allows you to do from touching their mobile phone, 
best earphones for iphone ,Safely on the bag it, told me to concentrate on the best earphones for iphone 5  cord that little box - in 
Central control button.
The following basic functions.
Pause / Play: Click Start playback, press to stop playback.
Skip to the next song: Fast double. Note faster (may themselves feel a
Next rhythm).
Return to the previous song: Press quickly three, the same note rate.
If you only want to listen to a song's climax, or to share with others the most fun comic
Period, that is, you want to fast-forward and rewind how to do? This obviously is not through a jump or return best earphones for iphone 4s
Now revealed this trick, or double-click the small box, then pay attention to the second press
Go do not let go until you want to stop the place and then let go, this is the fast-forward. Want to rewind, and even
By three, the third under the hold on it.
This is all the skills you headphones? Of course not. If you want to hear a song, do you want to
By jump and return a one find it? Without. For example, you want to hear, "uneasy", then
Hold the headset central control button and hold until you hear a "pound" beep tone. Now open
Control buttons, Duizhuohuatong (is the button on the back that hole) say "Play disturbed", then
A miracle happened, "disturbed" to start playing it. Note that these two words leaving the middle point blank,
And in order to identify the need to speak standard Mandarin accurately.
Through the headset for voice recognition, can help you handle completely freed from the phone, or even
Than the operating cell phone but also efficiency. Again, you want to listen to Faye Wong's song, then the above phrase "sowing
Put disturbed "to" Play Faye Wong ", then all of Faye Wong's song will play back in sequence, the magic bar.
Want to call it? Do not move phone, do not look up contacts one by one to find. For
Example, you want to call Li, in accordance with the method just activate voice control, said into the phone "call
Called Li Ming ", then the phone will automatically dial the Ming and if did not want to call the phone number. best headphones for iphone 5 Exist in your address book, then just say "Call 1860220 ****" can be, is not
Very convenient. By pressing the center button can answer or hang up the phone. Think about this and our previous
Which function like mentioned it? Yes, it is the "Voice Control", so it seems the center button
Is equivalent to the Home key on the phone, use it to trigger the voice control system.
Here, we have to wonder the iPhone, which is so smart convenient to
Even a tiny headphones can interpreted so exciting. If then you proudly think it's light
Choi has been completely released, then you are wrong. Imagine experiencing wake up at night to get there 
best headphones for iphone 4s at the time, the eye was suddenly lit screen stimulation uncomfortable? You might ask,
iPhone can help?
Yes, the method is still mentioned earlier, activate voice control, microphone saying "now time"
There is a sweet voice will say: "Now time × point × point" is not very user-friendly,
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