Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The original Beats by Dr. Dre headphone that took the world by storm.

The original Beats by Dr. Dre headphone that took the world by storm.

After 25 years, Dr. Dre was tired of spending months on a track only to have his fans hear it on weak, distorting ear buds. Two years and hundreds of prototypes later, Beats Studio headphones are the icons that bring you sound the way it was originally intended.

Beats by Dr. Dre audio cable providers are well known American Hip-Hop Monster joint godfather Dr.Dre headphones launched the brand. The brand has recently launched a variety of headphones, earplugs, here with me to see the real machine according to it.

1 Monster Beats Solo Series

 Not only avant-garde appearance, exquisite workmanship and superior sound quality but also enthusiasts delight. It is reported that Monster Beats Solo from the initial listing of 1999 yuan has dropped to a new low of 1,680 yuan. Structurally, the Monster Beats Solo headphones with folding way, unilateral into the line design. Sponge on the ear is very soft, more comfortable to wear. Monster Beats Solo is equipped with remote control, can be achieved on iPhone, iPod and other portable audio player directly manipulated. Wire is also equipped with a microphone, you can answer the phone, and call when you can control the music playback is paused.

2 Monster just beats solo series

Monster headphones  do seem popular industry benchmark, the company recently announced that it will release a mid-December to 16-year-old R & B rookie Justin Bieber custom headphones, named "Just Beats" (MH BTS ON SO JB CT), It's the same basic design and Beats Solo, random configuration and the iPhone headphone cable connection with a call feature.

3 Monster Solo HD Series

Monster Solo HD using super-precision titanium-coated speaker unit, significantly enhance the resolving power, the designers chose the Chinese culture in the most commonly used red. And provide more low-frequency deep feelings. In addition, Monster Solo HD Headphones with ControlTalk remote control, you can control the iPhone hands-free calls, and control is also handy for the song.

4 Monster Beats Pro Series

Monster Beats Pro is new out in September, the mixer is designed for professional musicians and designed with a lightweight aluminum body and the metal hinge structure, effectively enhance the durability of the headphones, but Beats Pro also enhances the acoustic design to ensure that in a noisy environment can also listen to music; same time, you can flip the headset unit design for easy DJ headphones off in case of no eavesdropping.

5 Monster Beats Studio recording engineer Series

Monster Beats is a new high-quality headphones, the most prominent place is that the headset is a Grammy-winning artist Dr.Dre and the magic sound of the audio expert team to research and development. The use of advanced speaker design and power isolation technology, the Beats can better use of power energy, to further enhance the strength of feeling low. Meanwhile, even in the face at the speed of sound has a high requirement Rock, Hip Hop and R & B, Beats can pass their own excellent structure, providing 110dB sensitivity, you can try to complete the details shown.
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