Monday, July 22, 2013

Best Earphone for running: Powerbeats by Dr. Dre In-Ear Headphone

So that is one reason I really like these. You still get a great sound but they rest on your ear canals, not in them. If you are running you can still hear something coming up behind you or a horn honk but otherwise you can get lost in your music. For running, these are replacing my Bose ear buds with microphone for my iPhone. The overall sound is a bit better from the perspective that I get a clearer distinction between highs and lows. On the Bose I get a lot of bass but a muffled effect on everything else. These Beats are much crisper to me. They remind me of the Bang and Olufsen earphones.

General Ear or right ear, the more common, too bulky headset.
Note that a few can
The first is the line, the line is very heavy, running one of Britain a jolt, the line will fall down off the headset, so be sure to have a clip to clip on clothes, heavy volume not long, just like back does not affect your .
Again, ear headphones generally have better sound effects, pay attention to safety.

As there will be upstairs in-ear noise, this completely depends on material. Sponge head effect I feel good, fixity is also very good. Upstairs recommended 680 good headset itself is also good, very good bass, suitable for sports purposes.

Good ear headphones and more, the landlord can consider using the usual kind of common sets of plastic packaging sealing the ends of the wire to the headphone cable wrap, hanging ears on it, it will not fall.
Running time zone, generally running Apple and Sony have a dedicated high-end headphones, but the price is a little High ~ but the sound quality is very good! If the family conditions are good, then you can think about it, very handsome! If there are no conditions, then jogging for ordinary headphones! You should have seen one kind of headset until the headset up in the crotch portion of long side short side, this headset is more suitable for jogging wear, but be careful to wear law, when worn around the long part should wear behind the head , so you can, when running headphones will not have any burden! Running headphones on Taobao many have sold, you can go and see! Oh, I hope to help you!

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